Your people are your most valued asset...Invest in them and they will grow and so will your business!

What Elite Point 3 will focus on with your organization
- Revenue generation through Customer Service Excellence
- Leadership Effectiveness - align, motivate & develop your people
- Culture, Communication & Consistency
- Emotional Intelligence
- Delivering high impact results through high performing teams
- Experience Sustainable growth & increase profitability

Your staff are the most valuable asset in your company and also the most complex. With Elite Point 3, our commitment is to work in close partnership with company representatives, line managers, GMs and MDs, to focus on identifying the challenges your people face on a daily basis. That's when the real work begins - developing each team member's skills and strengthening them in order to enable them to exceed even your expectations.








Our methodology is to mentor & develop individuals in the core areas of our expertise. The results we strive to deliver are increased effectiveness in Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, Relationship Management and Entrepreneurship.


Our mentoring tracks are customized to develop the required skillset of each individual. This is facilitated through small group consultation, followed up by one on one mentoring in their workplace.


Elite Point 3 shares inspiring and relevant articles from global experts that we hope will enhance your business or perhaps even offer you a solution to a current challenge. When we come across a "gem" we post the articles of inspiration in our Resource Center

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Elite Point 3 develops cutting edge Client-focussed Care and Leadership Programs to assist service providers of disability, aged & person-centered care for NDIS 2016 launch.

Robin recently spoke at an International franchise conference in Hamilton Island. He also was guest speaker for Liquor Marketing Group in Gold Coast, Melbourne and Hunter Valley at their annual State conferences for thier members. The subject was the need for Customer Service Excellence in the hospitality and retail industry and how to apply it to your teams. Robin specialises in customising his address so it is relevant to the organisation's attendees and thier businesses.

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